“I never imagined that a camera could change the course of my professional life”

So confesses documentary photographer, Leysis Quesada. She always felt the urge for artistic creation deep within her but did not really discover it until 1999 when photography became her passion and profession.

Leysis prefers to capture moments that happen along her path and that speak for themselves, where different nuances of the inner world of the individual, their feelings and conflicts are expressed. It is the use of photography as a documentary tool that allows her to reveal the complexity and psychological richness of each captured moment.

When Havana Club invited her to work on the project “Havana People”, Leysis felt she was in her own element and did not hesitate to accept the challenge: “Working on this project has been a great experience that allowed me to identify myself with the people behind the elaboration of this rum from a professional and human point of view. The continuous contact with the people over time provided me a direct approach to their truths, emotions and traditions, which I tried to reflect through my work.

Most importantly, I was able to work freely without constraints, keeping my personal style which makes all the difference.”

Photographer Jon Golden of the Maine Photographic Workshops gave me a Nikon FM2 and that fired me up.
Cuba, its people and its stories are a constant source of inspiration for my work.
Paying special attention to lights and situations that take place spontaneously is key for me.
Working in Havana People project took me to interesting and challenging locations.