Yarién Ruiz is one of the coopers at the Ronera of San José de las Lajas where Havana Club 7 is made. This is an understatement, a half-truth, because Yarién is a real artist with privileged hands capable of turning into a small masterpiece the discarded waste of barrels.

In fact, in the Havana Club Rum Museum in Old Havana, as in the distillery itself you can find seats, counters and shelves that 34-year-old founder of the Ronera, created with pieces of barrels that others would not have known what to do with. He learned from his craft to love what he creates and to see in the barrel the mystery hidden in them.

He likes to go freshwater fishing with his son and loves going to the beach, especially when he shares the day with family and friends, whom he always tries to convince he once caught the largest fish in his town.

Yarién Ruiz is one of the coopers at the ronera maintaining the precious barrels.
He learned from his craft to love and appreciate the mystery that each barrel holds.
Yarién likes to go freshwater fishing, especially when his son accompanies him.
Fishing gives him time to reflect over the little mysteries of life.