Like “A garden of aromas”, a drink full of mystical nuances that ensures an experience full of exotic flavors so says Don Jose Navarro about Havana Club 7.

Navarro, a man that could claim to be the creator of this world famous rum; however, he modestly prefers to recognize the anonymous and generous work of men who crafted and preserved the aged rum bases before him. So that when the time came, he could blend them together and thus create a top quality product like never before. Don Navarro, “Primer Maestro del Ron Cubano”, thinks that loyalty is his greatest virtue. Loyal to his work, his culture, his family.

He enjoys a good game of baseball, and when it comes to spending time with friends he prefers to play dominoes, a game that requires concentration, mindfulness and a sense of observation and in which there is always a strategy.

He says he gave all he could in life, without limit. Very proud of his family: four children and nine grandchildren, “all university graduates, all decent, what else I can ask?”

Navarro is very proud of his four children and nine grandchildren: “what else could I ask for?”
Navarro thinks that loyalty – to his work, his culture, his family – is his greatest virtue.
Often on Sundays, Navarro likes to play dominoes, a game that requires deep concentration.
After making rum another great passion of Navarro is playing dominos.