Holder of a degree in Mathematics and a former professor at the University of Medical Sciences never for a moment did it cross this man’s mind that he would be working at a rum distillery and that he would become the right hand man of a rum master.

As a master blender, 36-year-old Eddy Garcia is directly involved in the elaboration of Havana Club 7: his intervention is one of the key moments in the process; since it is here when aspects like the color and the alcoholic strength of the product are finally calibrated.

There is no magic or mystery in what he does. Everything comes from hard work and rigorous technological discipline; he is satisfied with the expertise he has acquired.

Eddy enjoys the company of his family, listens to music and, in his spare time practices with passion baseball and football, sports that he shares with colleague Agustín Coca as a teammate.

Moments of rest that he values fully when leaving aside the arduous process of blending, something he knows like few others.

Eddy Mendoza is directly involved in the blending of Havana Club 7.
Keeping track of all barrels is key to successful blending.
There is neither magic nor mystery in what Eddy does. Even his footlball skills come from hard work.
In his spare time, he practices baseball and football with his colleague Coca as a teammate.