Electrical engineer Alberto Martinez believes that it was a blessing to have found a job at the Havana Club distillery; a place that opened the gates for him to improve his professional level through overseas training (Switzerland and Germany).

However, he reckons all this training is not enough if there is no will or desire in the person for self-improvement. He is the main maintenance specialist in automatic control at the Ronera San José de las Lajas, a distillery with a mix of high technology and traditional methods, a working place that represents for him not only a great school but also a vehicle to implement his innovative ideas, some of which have proven to be very successful.

However, these successes have not had any effect on Albe, as he is affectionately called by his closest colleagues. His teammates consider him as a hard-working man, intelligent, good friend. He is always ready to give a hand or an idea to those who may need it.

Already 33, he is an open and cheerful man, there is nothing hidden, and he likes to spend his free time very close to his little daughter and his wife. Always around them, he enjoys his favorite hobbies: reading and fixing electronic devices.

Alberto is always ready to give a hand or an idea to keep the distillery running.
Alberto is the head automatic control maintenance person at the ronera San José.
Even at home Alberto’s passion is keeping things running.
When Alberto has fixed all there is to fix, he enjoys a good book.