In the 1960’s, Cuban Maestro Roneros pioneered a new chapter in the history of Cuban rum.

It was a chapter defined by a ground-breaking new rum, Havana Club 7 Años, which with its ‘continuous ageing’ process earned the name ‘El Ron Fundacional’. The rum that laid the foundations of a new level of rum quality, instilling character and depth into every drop.

Havana Club 7 consists of many different aged rum bases, each with their own personality, the youngest of which is 7 years old, giving Havana Club 7 its unique taste and deep layers of flavour. Each season, a portion of our new batch of rum is put back into the barrel, to slowly age and mature for several more years, ready to be used in future production.

And so the cyclical process of ageing, maturing and refinement continues, so that for today and tomorrow, Havana Club 7 will always contain the spirit of that original batch from decades ago. A defining moment in the way we enjoy rum, now immortalised through our continuous ageing process: the seed of our original idea, an ever-present taste of our history.

Enjoy Havana 7 neat over ice or with your own twist.

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